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A Review On Role of polymers in Pharmaceutical Applications


Hourieh Alkadi*  


Development of new drug molecule is costly and requires long time. Many of attempts have been done to improve safety effectiveness level of "old" drugs, utilizing various ways like individualizing drug therapy, curative drug control, and dose titration. But, Recently an important efforts have been pointed to discover novel drug releasing systems, in which it can be supplied to a target system in human body, with controlling the level and time of delivery. Polymers, whether synthetic or natural, have a great important in pharmaceutical applications especially in the field of drug delivery. the use of polymers in pharmaceutical application extent from using them as binders in tablets to viscosity and flow controlling factors in liquids, and they can be used in suspensions and emulsions; also in some cases they can be used as film coatings, Moreover, they may be used as membranes implanted within the living body. Current work highlights the importance of drug delivery systems and the role of polymers in it.


Drug Delivery System, Dissolution, Diffusion, Erosion Based Design, Pharmaceutical Polymers, Polymerization


Deptartment of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Drug Control, Faculty of Pharmacy, Arab International University

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