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Evaluation of Curcumin Gel as Adjunct to Scaling & Root Planing in Management of Periodontitis- Randomized Clinical & Biochemical Investigation

[ Vol. 19 , Issue. 2 ]


Harleen Kaur*, Vishakha Grover*, Ranjan Malhotra and Mili Gupta   Pages 171 - 178 ( 8 )


Background: Successful management of periodontitis requires treatment strategy that integrates therapies addressing both pathogen and host aspects of disease etiology. To evaluate sub gingivally applied curcumin gel in treatment of chronic periodontitis based on clinical and biochemical parameters.

Materials & Methods: A randomized, double blind, parallel-group trial was carried out on 30 patients suffering from chronic generalized periodontitis with probing pocket depth≥5mm on at least 4 sites who were then randomly allocated to two groups. Control group was treated with Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) alone while experimental group was treated with SRP followed by subgingival application of curcumin gel. Saliva collection was done and the clinical parameters were recorded at baseline and follow up periods. Saliva analysis for IL-1β was done by ELISA. The statistical differences for the intra-group and intergroup measurements were analyzed by using Mann Whitney test. Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient was used to examine the relationship between Interleukin - 1β and clinical parameters.

Results: Study elucidated mild adjunctive benefit of curcumin gel in reduction of gingival inflammation for a limited period of time. Though improvement in other clinical parameters was also greater in subjects treated with curcumin gel, results were not statistically different from those treated with SRP alone. None of the subjects who received curcumin gel experienced any adverse effect.

Conclusion: Within limitations, it can be concluded that single application of curcumin (turmeric) gel has limited added benefit over scaling and root planing in treatment of chronic periodontitis.


anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, curcumin, host modulation, periodontitis, turmeric.


Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College, Ludhiana, Department of Periodontology, H.S. Judge Institute of Dental Sciences, P.U., Chandigarh, Department of Periodontology, National Dental College & Hospital, Derabassi, Department of Biochemistry, H.S. Judge Institute of Dental Sciences, P.U., Chandigarh

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