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Acute Cystitis Caused by Commensal Neisseria oralis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 1 ]


Yassar Alamri, Aaron Keene and Alan Pithie   Pages 64 - 66 ( 3 )


Background: Neisseria are usually harmless inhabitants of otherwise asymptomatic persons’ upper respiratory mucosal surfaces.

Method: It is, therefore, expected that a disturbance in the physiology leads to nongonococcal, non-meningococcal Neisseria becoming pathogenic.

Result: We report the case of a diabetic man who initially presented with nonspecific symptoms and was later found to have cystitis caused by N. oralis.

Conclusion: We also review the pertinent literature and discuss available evidence on pathophysiological mechanisms of infection with such commensal bacteria.


Neisseria, non-gonococcal, non-meningococcal, pathogenic, inhabitants, cystitis.


Christchurch, New Zealand Infectious diseases, Christchurch, Department of General Medicine, Christchurch Public Hospital, Christchurch, Department of Infectious Diseases, Christchurch Public Hospital, Christchurch

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